International Development Grants

Selected Past Grants:

2007/2009: Principal Investigator & Chief Writer, Fulbright Visiting Specialist Program: “Direct Access to the Muslim World” grant ($10,000 approx) [Iyad Barghouthi, Ramallah Center for Human Rights Studies, May 2009].

1998-2001: Principal Investigator & Co-Writer, “Tunisia / Oregon Project,” a 3-year, State Department-sponsored University Affiliations Grant between Oregon State University, Linn Benton Community College and 6 institutions in the Tunisian University System ($313,000); funded the travel of 10 colleagues from Oregon to Tunisia for technology transfer and the travel of 25 Tunisians to Oregon as well as outreach to 200 Tunisians in Tunisia in the use of internet for teaching and research.

1994-5: Conference Coordinator (Design and Oversight of Pre-Beijing Conference): “Women and the Law in the Near East: Legal and Regulatory Constraints to Women’s Participation in Development,” Tunis, Tunisia (14-17 December 1994): a USAID-sponsored Women in International Development project ($50,000 approx); brought women activists, lawyers and scholars from 8 Arab countries to Tunis to prepare for the 1995 UN-sponsored Beijing Conference on Women.

1990: Principal Investigator and chief Writer, NEH Summer Seminar on “The Epic Roots of Non-Western Literature” ($107,000); funded training of 12 colleagues from Oregon State University by experts in the field to teach epic works such as the Gilgamesh, the Popol Vuh, the epic of Antara, the Sundiata and the Ramayana.

1989: Principal Investigator & Co-Writer, “Fulbright Group Project Abroad: Yemen Arab Republic and Tunisia” ($97,000); funded travel and study for 13 faculty from OSU and Portland State University to develop their understanding of the Arab World.